An employment tribunal claim can cost your business between £10,000 and £35,000 to defend and could be more if the case is complex or protracted. These costs are not recoverable even if you are successful. There is also the risk that your business could be ordered to pay compensation.

Helping avoid costly legal fees and compensation payments, an employment legal insurance policy offers peace of mind. Through Premier Legal and our annual retainer package, you can save time and money should you be taken to an employment tribunal.

There are many areas which employment legal costs insurance can cover, including legal fees, compensation awards, legal defence and even crisis communication. Our employment legal insurance policy also covers legal costs incurred in enforcing post termination restrictions. This is particularly valuable as such action can often otherwise prove prohibitively expensive to pursue with the costs of an application for interim injunctive relief likely to be in excess of £50,000. With the benefit of an employment legal insurance policy, you can be confident that your business will have the protection it needs should one of your employees act in breach of their post termination restrictions.

Dedicated Legal Insurance Retainer Service

As an addition to the Premier Support Service retainer, the Premier Total Cover package is one of the best, most comprehensive options for an employment law insurance policy.

At Premier Legal, we understand that legal fees and compensation costs when going through an employment tribunal case can be crippling – not to mention time-consuming – but with our team of experts on your side, you gain peace of mind with:

  • Employment tribunal compensation/settlement costs protection and
  • Legal fees cover

Cover for the following is also included in the policy:

  • Restrictive covenant enforcement costs
  • Legal defence for health & safety prosecutions
  • Defence for most motoring offences by directors or partners
  • Appeals related to statutory licences or compulsory registrations
  • Crisis communications

With full legal support from experienced employment law solicitors, as well as coverage for a variety of potential costs through our retainer scheme, you needn’t worry about the future of your business in relation to employment-related issues. Our Premier Total Cover includes all the features of our Premier Support Service in addition to the insurance set out above.

Typically, the insurance covers up to £100,000 or £250,000 any one claim or £1,000,000 in aggregate per year. To discuss the level of coverage your business requires, or to learn more about how this employment law insurance policy can benefit you, please contact us today by phone or through our enquiry form.

Whatever employment problems you have, our employment legal insurance scheme covers you. You’ll receive client care from our team – who have over 40 years of combined experience – and, through our retainer scheme, we’ll be familiar with your business, making any processes much smoother.

To learn more about our insurance, or if you’re looking for legal fees cover, simply contact our professional team today and we will be happy to discuss the needs of your business. Unlike most other schemes, if you need to use the policy, the business does not have to have prospects of being able to successfully defend any claim in order to be covered by the insurance. This is a considerable advantage over other schemes on the market.