Are you at risk of redundancy or have you been made redundant?

Did you know that you are entitled to see the scoring sheet that your selection was based on? Did you also know that you are entitled to know the scores of the other employees who were in your selection pool?

All too often employers are told that they are to be made redundant, but it may not be a genuine redundancy situation, so it is important that you know what is fair and what is not. Redundancy should always be a last resort after all avenues have been exhausted in the attempts to keep staff employed.

The first thing to know is that it is not a person that is redundant it is the job that they were doing. If you are the chief widget-maker and the company decides they no longer need widgets, you may be made redundant because the widget maker’s job no longer exists. your boss would not be able to employ another widget-maker in your place. There is also a process that needs to be followed and in that process you have to be warned that the company is considering redundancies, this is known as an “at risk” letter. Your employer then has to have consultation meetings with you to explain how the process will run and why the redundancies are happening. You should also get a chance to put forward any ideas that you might have to avoid redundancies, perhaps re-training or job share.

Enquire about Your Claim

Your employer may need to show you why you have been chosen for redundancy over a colleague and finally, he will have to give you notice.

Of course, this is a short synopsis of what should happen, no doubt you will have lots of questions and Premier Legal’s employment law experts will be happy to help you. The specialist employment lawyers are available for you to call on: 0115 856 1625.