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    What is a settlement agreement calculator, and how does it work?

    Providing our settlement agreement calculator with the information required will give you an indication of how much you could receive. The answers given are vital for the accuracy of the results as It allows us to understand your individual employment circumstances.

    How accurate is a settlement agreement calculator in determining settlement amounts?

    Our settlement agreement calculator assumes you have the following:

    • Been employed by your employer for at least two years

    • Either been dismissed by your employer or compelled to resign

    • Evidence to indicate that the dismissal or constructive dismissal is legally unjust

    Our settlement agreement calculator helps estimate how much money you could get. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, you may receive more or less.

    What information is required for the settlement agreement calculator?

    We ask you to include the following information as it has a direct impact on the estimated settlement agreement.


    Depending on if you are approaching retirement age, there will be an increase added to your settlement agreement. If you are approaching retirement age, they would most likely want to settle to avoid reputation damage, however, if you are past retirement age, a decrease may be applied as you would be expected to retire soon.


    Your salary is vital during the calculations. The settlement agreement calculator uses it to estimate the amount that you would lose whilst job searching.

    Notice Period

    Usually, you are paid for the duration of your notice period. Our settlement agreement calculator will add this amount to your settlement agreement.

    Company Size

    This information is necessary to understand the context of the situation. A larger company may have more funds available and will likely want to settle to avoid reputation damage. However, a smaller organisation may not have as many funds available, therefore it is possible to negotiate for non-financial awards.


    Every employer is required to follow the correct legal procedure; if they have not, then you may have an unfair dismissal claim which will ultimately put you in a stronger position to negotiate your settlement agreement.


    If you faced disciplinary action, this would apply a slight decrease to your settlement agreement as your employer is likely to use this against you.

    Sick Leave

    If you are on sick leave, it may increase the amount due.


    If you feel like you have been discriminated against, this again may come under unfair dismissal which will give you an advantage during discussions and why our calculator will add a slight increase.


    If you have previously submitted a grievance, our settlement agreement calculator will add an increase to your settlement as it adds a slight degree of severity.